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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of West Elementary is to educate children to read with comprehension, write clearly, compute accurately, think, reason, and use information to solve problems.

Vision Statement

Approaching all challenges with our best efforts.

Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe in a positive learning environment.
  • We believe in individual learning challenges.
  • We believe in respect, cooperation, and responsibility.
  • We believe in motivation, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes.

Core Values

The West Elementary School community will promote the following:

  • Utilize and link data, research and assessments to make decisions that drive student instruction and staff development in order to focus on student learning.
  • Challenge everyone to think critically and take responsibility for his or her own learning.
  • Create innovative lessons through the use of collaborative teams, technology and differentiated activities to support and enrich student learning.
  • Foster a partnership of parents, teachers and students in a safe and secure community by maintaining positive communication and creating opportunities for involvement.
  • Respect and celebrate the childhood diversity and successes of our students, families and co-workers.
  • Utilize all resources to identify specific learning needs and barriers of academic progress and make the necessary accommodations.