New Safety Procedures


Good afternoon West parents and Guardians,


As we continue through the rest of the year here at West, we are working very hard on upgrading the safety of our school, staff and especially our students.  Based on what we have seen over the first semester, the district safety team, has decided that parents who have children listed as walkers, must have their child walk and NOT be picked up in the field across from the school.  This is becoming a safety issue with students walking inside the park and vehicles driving through there at the same time.

If you feel you need to pick your child up from school, you will need to get a blue card from the front office, fill it out, and be in the parent pick-up line with other parents to pick-up your child.  This line normally has everyone through and all of the kids out within 20-25 minutes from start to finish.

We have also set up Effie Street, for you to park along the fence line, walk through the field and meet you child after they are dismissed.  However; we are asking that you please stay behind the fence in the park and NOT enter the front pick-up line on foot.  This causes major safety issues as well as slows our lines down with getting the students out.  If you do enter the front line without a vehicle you will be asked to leave the front and meet your child by the fence line in the park.

The other issue we have come across is parents parking along Orange on either side of the road and right of way. After speaking with Arcadia Police Department, this is NOT a legal place to park and anyone found out in the area parked to pick up students could be ticketed by the City of Arcadia. 

We appreciate your cooperation with this procedure and hope you all have a fantastic rest of the school year.