Important Controlled Open Enrollment Information

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:
Legislation requires that each district and charter school must adopt a controlled open enrollment plan that allows a student to enroll in any public school in the state that has not reached capacity (subject to maximum class-size requirements). The School District of DeSoto County has updated the process of implementing Controlled Open Enrollment / Transfer requests for the district’s three elementary schools.
ALL students requesting a new transfer from their home/districted school to their school of choice will have to complete the proper paperwork (attached) and return it to the ESE/Student Services Office (Note: Parents are not required to complete requests if a previous request has been approved and the child has maintained enrollment in the school).
The following steps must be taken in completion of the attached form:
  • A copy of the transfer request must be obtained from one of the elementary schools or the ESE/Student Services Office.
  • Parent must complete the paperwork in its entirety:
    • Complete the form by filling in all blank spaces required by the parent.
    • Attach documentation (where applicable)
  • Send completed form to the Department of Exceptional Student Education /Student Services on or before May 31, 2019.

All complete applications submitted by the above deadline will be entered into a lottery in June. Parents will be notified if the request was approved in writing. If applications are received late they will not be included in the above mentioned lottery and will be included in a late application drawing in July if space is available.

Please contact the Exceptional Student Education/Student Services Office at (863) 494-0261 with any questions or concerns.

Adrian H. Cline