Virtual School Information

Virtual School Open Enrollment Parental Notification
The School District of DeSoto County offers Virtual Instruction Program(s) (VIP) that provide eligible students with a high-quality, full time or part time, 180-day online instruction in grades K-12.
Open Enrollment period for full-time VIP students is from April 9, 2019 through July 12, 2019 for the fall semester of the 2019-2020 school year. The period of instruction (virtual school year) will match the district’s student calendar.
What VIP options are available for my child?
• Grades Kindergarten through 5 can enroll in full-time/part-time with Florida Virtual School.
• Grades 6 through 12 can enroll in full-time/part-time with My District Virtual School.
• Grades 6 through 12 can also enroll in full-time/part-time with Florida Virtual School.
*Please keep in mind that Florida has eligibility requirements per Section 1002.455, Florida             Statute, and not all options may be available to your child.
What does virtual education entail?
In a full-time virtual instruction program, students are in their home each day accessing
their curriculum and instruction via the internet. Off-line activities and instructional
materials may also be provided depending on the grade level of the student and each
individual course of enrollment.
A student’s learning is facilitated, monitored and assessed by their teacher(s) who interact
with the student via the internet, email, phone, web conference and instant messaging.
Although families will have some flexibility in scheduling within the day, students are
expected to work each school day, in each assigned class according to their learning plan.
Students must maintain minimum pace and demonstrate mastery on individual
assignments to be successful. Students who do not complete the courses in the typical
time frame may be dropped from the program and required to enroll in the traditional setting. Please note that any grades earned in the virtual setting will be on the student’s academic history.
Students are required to take all grade level appropriate state assessments; students will report to their district school to take those assessments.
Participation in a full-time virtual instruction program is a commitment by the student and entire family. It is absolutely necessary that there is a responsible adult in the home to oversee the student’s progress, participate in off-line assignments and projects, and to communicate frequently with the teacher(s) via email, phone, and other means. Although students are working from home, the overall time spent engaged in school activities is similar to the traditional environment.
Elementary students will spend approximately five hours per day, five days per week on their school work. Secondary students will spend between 6-7 hours per day, five days per week on their school work. Virtual learning is a significant departure from traditional schooling and should be considered carefully by all before enrolling in the program.
Virtual Education Contact Information:
To complete and enrollment application and/or to ask any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Gina Stafford at 863-494-0261.